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Montessori Primary Level

For children in the program, we recommend books that reflect reality and are written either poetically or with proper sentence structure.  By reading to your child every day and often, you are instrumental in their thinking, speaking and future reading development.  By modeling careful handling of books and promptly removing any damaged ones, you will help children develop respect for their precious collection.

See Primary Level Read Aloud Book List

  • Alejandro’s Gift (Richard E. Albert)

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes (Hans Christian Andersen)

  • My Father’s House (Kathi Appelt)

  • The Best Kind of Gift (Kathi Appelt)

  • The Sun Is My Favorite Star (Frank Asch)

  • River (Debby Atwell)

See Primary Level Early Reader Book List

  • Garden Friends

  • Fishy Tales

  • Colored Days

  • Born to Be a Butterfly

  • Tale of a Tadpole

  • Diving Dolphins


(all from Dorling Kindersley Publishing)

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